Video Production Services

Adding Video to Aviation Training Material Is Very Possible in Today's Media Rich World.

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Today people are overloaded with information, and video is a great way to condense that information and make it easy to understand.

J&C Data Design Technologies will work with you to add video training to your publications, enhancing your customer's ability to retain technical information through visual and auditory learning methods.


We will take care of the entire video creation process from start to finish.

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Pre-production is the process of building a foundation for successful video shoots. In order for you to get exceptional and well-produced videos. There are a number of pre-production services that tie into our video-creation package, including:

  • Video content research - Our experienced aviation experts will work with your team while researching all the material to be included in the videos to ensure that the content is accurate.
  • Script writing - Scripts need to be written in a way that delivers the right material to the audience and keeps their interest.
  • Storyboard creation - Creating storyboards organizes the script in a way that will translate easily to the director on the day of video shooting.
  • Shot list creation - Shot lists are created to maximize the productivity of a video shoot. Using shot lists ensures that all shots necessary to produce the video are captured for final editing.
  • Location scouting - Often it is necessary for videos to be shot in a certain environment or location. We help find the best and most economical locations for the day of shooting.

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Video production set

Producing videos involves an assortment of different people and camera equipment to create a dynamic video recording shoot.

Production is the heart of video creation. This is when everyone comes together to shoot and create the content of the video.

The production phase is a crucial part that requires coordination from a number of different people in order to produce the best video possible in the least amount of "takes."

J&C Data Design Technologies LLC fully manages the production phase for video creation.

Services include:

  • On-site video shoots - We will travel to your site or any site necessary to get the best shots possible for the video.
  • Video production equipment - We bring all the essential equipment to ensure the best video possible.
  • Director - The director keeps the recording consistent with the storyboard and directs the actors, cameras, and other equipment to ensure the production achieves its goal.
  • Camera operator - The camera operator is responsible for operating the camera equipment and setting up the proper shot angles according to the director's instructions.
  • Producer - The producer supervises the making of the video and shares input with the director to help achieve the highest quality content.
  • Actors - The actors are the characters in the video that demonstrate tasks, act out parts, and demonstrate examples within the video content.
  • Audio coordinator - The audio coordinator is in charge of capturing audio, setting up microphones, and testing sound equipment for video recording sessions.
  • Narrator/Host - The narrator or host of the video plays a significant role in the training video and serves as a spokesperson to help the audience learn from the content of the video.

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Video post-production computer

Post video production requires extreme attention to detail and diligent efforts to produce a premium video.

Post-production mainly covers editing and compilation of all the video takes into a finely produced video.

Post production mixes an assortment of elements such as:

  • Editing - This is the factor that ties the video clips, storyboards, scripts, and everything else into one final professionally produced video.
  • Timing - A key element of solid editing is to ensure proper timing is used throughout a production. Voices need to match, scenes need to move in a sequential order, and everything needs to flow within a solid framework so the viewer truly benefits from the video.
  • Audio - Although relatively unnoticed by most people, audio plays an extremely large factor when applied to video. Background music, voice recordings, and sound effects all play a large role inside a video that has the power to build anticipation in viewers and stimulate their senses.
  • Transitions - The breakup of scenes and merging of elements is critical when it comes to building transitions in a video. Transitions compel the viewer to follow along without being distracted by the scene change.

The final video is delivered in a high-quality format while keeping file size small. Using sophisticated compression techniques, we help create a beautiful video experience without degrading quality.

We work with you to prepare your video presentations for the perfect viewer experience on a variety of devices such as:

  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • iPads
  • CD/DVDs

Our professional editing team will take care of all the little details and deliver a top-notch product for you. In addition, we can help you distribute your videos through our data management services.

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